Backyard Wedding in the Country - Justin & Gracey

She wore a white star-studded wedding dress with ribbons in her hair. He donned a floral tie and socks with her art. They got away in his VW slug bug….and it was a perfect day for a backyard wedding in the country.

But really though. Justin’s parents live on this little slice of heaven out in the hills of the Blanchard area (about an hour north of Spokane). Their house is situated on about 50 acres of farm fields and hills and the views are nonstop beautiful! They got married in the hot summer sun of mid-July among the aspen trees. It couldn’t have been a more perfect day for a wedding! The details of their days was the extra cherry on top!

The Benefits of a Backyard Wedding in the Country

If you have the space for it and can pull it off, I think Backyard Weddings are my favorites. They’re intimate, unique, and overall cheaper to execute! Even if you do end up investing money into sprucing up your backyard, it pays off in the long run because you get to enjoy it after the wedding (not just for one day!). Also, your space = your rules. You can have your ceremony & reception wherever you want instead of having to keep it in the confines of certain areas. You can start (& end) the party whenever you like (instead of only being there with a time limit). And perhaps best of all, you don’t have to completely clean up the night of.

On top of the perks, the intimate + unique part of having a backyard wedding in the country to me is the greatest perk of all. If you (or your spouse-to-be) grew up in this backyard, imagine then celebrating one of the biggest days of your life there! It’s a luxury choice that not everyone gets the chance to make. And the fact that no one else will have wedding photos like yours because your backyard isn’t getting rented out every weekend is also so cool! 

Enjoy! Xoxo, Hannah


Photographer: Hannah Hotchkiss  //  Wedding Dress:  Honest in Ivory  //  Floral Design: Firehouse Flowers  //  Catering:  Lemieux’s Catering

Some of the most important photos to capture on a wedding day are the candids of all your loved ones that are there for you. These are the small moments that are fleeting and hard to take in the day of but you'll be so happy to have them frozen in time for the rest of your life.

You only get married once! It’s one of the biggest days of your life, and hopefully one of the best. I want you to fully enjoy it, soak it all in, and have amazing photos to enjoy for the rest of your lives together. Everyone has their own love story.
And I love documenting people’s stories.

A hot summer wedding in the countryside of Spokane Washington. Set in the backyard of Justin's parents house. Two lovers becoming one and getting married. It was a beautiful Spokane Wedding shot by Hannah Hotchkiss Photo. Justin and Gracey. There were many candid moments throughout this day that were so special and unique to their day and to them. Lot's of love was shared between Justin and Gracey and their closest family and friends.