mom and dad kiss baby girl while walking in riverside state park



Over the years of living in Spokane, I’ve really come to love Fall. I used to be a big Summer gal but lately the summers have become so unbearably hot here that the Fall feels like a nice reprieve and how Summer should feel. The term “Indian Summer” makes a lot more sense to me now! This fall day in Spokane could not have been more perfect for a family photo session…the leaves were just beginning to turn color on the trees and the sun was hitting us just right. It created the most perfect, beautiful golden glow of every photographer’s dreams! It may have been “Fall” but it felt a little more like summer at a balmy 80 degrees (Nathan & Kennedy – mom & dad) were regretting their warm clothing choices 🙂 luckily they were great sports and put their brave faces on and we had a delightful time!

Their daughter, Lily was such a doll! She loved the shutter sound on the camera and was looking for it in almost every photo 🙂 this makes for great family photos! 

I loved their chemistry as a family – they aren’t afraid of showing PDA and love to love on each other, and it really shows in the photos. A great reminder for YOUR family session – love on each other! Always be touching, hugging, kissing, snuggling, nuzzling (with your nose, hehe), SOMETHING interactive – it shows your love and that really brings your personality across on camera. 

Enjoy! Xoxo, Hannah

Your kids aren’t little for long. I love documenting the type of photos where you can remember how their little hand used to scoop up the sand. How it felt holding her on your shoulders as you ran around and she held you tighter. What their little squeezes felt like when they give you a bear hug. Those will be the moments you long for – let’s capture them together during a family session. Everyone has their own story.
And I love documenting people’s stories.And I love documenting people’s stories.

A hot summer wedding in the countryside of Spokane Washington. Set in the backyard of Justin's parents house. Two lovers becoming one and getting married. It was a beautiful Spokane Wedding shot by Hannah Hotchkiss Photo. Justin and Gracey. There were many candid moments throughout this day that were so special and unique to their day and to them. Lot's of love was shared between Justin and Gracey and their closest family and friends.