Spokane In Home Boudoir Photoshoot - Brooke

A gorgeous Spokane In Home Boudoir Photoshoot for Brooke.

Boudoir = creating art from the shapes, curves and emotions of the woman’s body.

Pretty simple & beautiful when you look at it that way, huh? It’s what I love most about shooting boudoir photos. Each and every woman’s body is unique and different in its own ways, and every body tells it’s own story. What I cannot stress enough – each and every body deserves to be here. To be celebrated. Loved. Nurtured. Cared for. And I’m here to help you do that – through the lens of Boudoir photography. 

I can’t tell you how empowering a shoot like this is. Women come in and feel the anxiety and stress of stripping down to their panties in front of another woman and leave singing My Humps by the Black Eyed Peas the at the top of their lungs and strutting their stuff. The images (and look on your hunny’s face when he sees them for the first time) is just the cherry on top.

Brooke came to this session ready to bring the BBE (Bad Bitch Energy – a requirement for a Boudoir shoot with me)and boy did she DELIVER! She had an amazing experience and her hubby got a fun little book under the tree for Xmas. Win-win. 

Brooke opted to have an in home photoshoot over going to a studio. If you have a well-lit neutral bedroom, I’m all for having the photoshoot in your home! It keeps you comfortable and brings a personal touch to your boudoir photos. 

Enjoy! – Xoxo, Hannah

Want to boost your confidence while you simultaneously make your partner’s knees weak and their heart pound just a little bit faster? Let me take your boudoir photos!

spokane boudoir session