Spokane Wedding at the Lake - Ben & Macaela

These two truly are some the coolest people you’ll ever meet. Their actual names are Ben & Macaela but everyone knows them as Durnst & Kimmy Suz. Instead of a fancy schmancy too-expensive wedding, these two opted to say their vows at a Spokane Lake at the family cabin with Ben’s dad officiating and Mac’s mom as her Maid of Honor.

It’s not a Lake wedding without a boat party! Booty grabs, a shot gun (or two or three), dancing to Ben’s music (look up Durnst on Spotify!), and the bride may have gotten completely naked at one point. I’ll save those photos for her -& ben’s- eyes only 😉 It was truly an afternoon to remember.

But the party didn’t stop there! They left the lake cabin and headed back to her parent’s house in Spokane to have a backyard dance party! And dance they did – this was probably the most rowdy dance floor I’ve ever seen and it was so much fun to photograph! 

Overall, this was one of those days that as a photographer I will never forget. It wasn’t about the photo op for one second of the day, yet I got some of my favorite photos to date. Candid photos are my absolute favorite and these two were the opitome of that.

Enjoy! Xoxo, Hannah

it's not a lake wedding without a boat party