A husband and wife laugh together while walking in the cherry orchard during their wedding at Mrs Kalins Barn.


Mrs. Kalin's Barn Wedding on Greenbluff WA - Jared & Miranda

Let’s go on a journey to Mrs. Kalin’s Barn in Greenbluff, WA on a bright August day! What you can expect – lush, beautiful, ripe-for-the-picking cherry trees, long golden grasses, a whimsical over-grown (in the best way) garden, a big beautiful white barn, and a large rolling green lawn. It’s quite honestly the perfect setting for a romantic wedding! That was the backdrop for Jared & Miranda’s wedding, but it was the people who made this day extra special. More about that in my advice section!

A little bit about their wedding day:

Jared & Miranda are the cutest pairing! My favorite thing about them is the fact that they both have the most iconic laughs you’ll hear. Jared’s is a big booming laugh you can hear from a mile away and Miranda’s is the cutest snort that catches you off guard (it catches her off guard too and she’ll continue to laugh even more because of it). They both made each other laugh alllll day long and it was the BEST. My photographer heart LOVESSSSS laughter because I truly believe people look their best when they are candidly laughing. It shows the best kind of joy.

They opted for a first look in the cherry trees on Mrs Kalin’s Barn’s property and it was a tender moment. They were adamant that this moment was just the two of them and that no one was allowed to even watch from a distance – which I absolutely loved! It’s so important to make certain parts of your day intimate and just for the two of you.  

The other part of the day that was so fun & special were the toasts! They had 5 people on each side of the bridal party and they each spoke and it really summed up who they are as a couple – fun, sweet, and fiercely committed to their faith. Jared’s boys made sure to bring up some awkward and funny memories that had the entire barn rolling with laughter!

Small piece of advice for your wedding day:

Details matter when it comes to your wedding day, but it’s not the only thing that matters. It can feel like leading up to the big day that the details ARE in fact, the most important part of the day – but think about it for a sec! It’s because it’s the only part of the day you get to work on in the months/years leading up to the wedding day! You don’t realize that the more important things – the people, the moments, the ceremony, the photos, the MARRIAGE are all things that are going to be taking place the day of and for many years afterward. 
Remember this: details can’t laugh, cry, talk, kiss, hug, make memories, drink, or dance with you.

Enjoy! Xoxo, Hannah


Photographer: Hannah Hotchkiss // Venue: Mrs. Kalin’s Barn on Greenbluff  //  Catering: Le Catering  // Dress: Bridal Collections  // Cupcakes:  Sweet Frostings Bakeshop  // 

You only get married once! It’s one of the biggest days of your life, and hopefully one of the best. I want you to fully enjoy it, soak it all in, and have amazing photos to enjoy for the rest of your lives together. Everyone has their own love story.
And I love documenting people’s stories.