Peaceful Valley Family Photoshoot - The Youngrens

The sweetest family photoshoot in the Peaceful Valley area in Spokane WA. The fall color was popping off and showed up for us. This session was a great example of candids mixed with lots of lovin’ on each other and special moments that will last a lifetime.

Two elements that are important for family sessions (and really seen in these images) are: family members always touching. You want to be close to each other. Holding hands. Hugging. Kissing. All the different kinds of touch because it conveys love in an easy way. The other element is movement. It helps with the flow of the eyes, keeps your images interesting, and helps you to not feel awkward when in front of the camera!

My main priority while shooting photos of toddlers is leaning into their wiggly side and capturing movement. whether it be them running around, picking wildflowers, or tickle fights with mom & dad!

Enjoy! – xoxo, hannah

Your kids aren’t little for long. I love documenting the type of photos where you can remember how their little hand used to scoop up the sand. How it felt holding her on your shoulders as you ran around and she held you tighter. What their little squeezes felt like when they give you a bear hug. Those will be the moments you long for – let’s capture them together during a family session. Everyone has their own story.
And I love documenting people’s stories.