Mom and dad hold baby and pose for photo with their dog during their family session at Saltese Uplands.


Saltese Uplands Family Session - The Boeses

Oh how I love Saltese Uplands family sessions in the Spokane Valley (Liberty Lake to be exact)! If you’ve never been to Saltese Uplands, you must go. It’s actually an amazing place to trail run, cross country mountain bike, ride horses, let your dogs loose to run, and of course – take family photos! It’s an open fielded area with long grasses and not many trees, so during the late summer months, the evening sun lasts forever and you get an amazing glow. 

This early October session with the Boese Family was no different! Baby Lincoln was just 3 months old at the time of this shoot! The nice thing about shooting photos of a small baby is that they can’t run around or really try to wiggle out of mom’s arms quite yet 😉 It was their first photoshoot as a family of 3 (4 if you count the doggo!). They did amazing and looked like naturals and we didn’t even get any tears – from baby or from dad! Haha!

Why I love Saltese Uplands Family Sessions

The other nice thing about shooting a family session at Saltese Uplands is it really looks good during all of the seasons and it’s a blank enough background that it’s very diverse and looks good for any type of shoot. It’s one of my top favorites to shoot at in the Spokane area and will often suggest it!

Enjoy! Xoxo, Hannah

Your kids aren’t little for long. I love documenting the type of photos where you can remember how their little hand used to scoop up the sand. How it felt holding her on your shoulders as you ran around and she held you tighter. What their little squeezes felt like when they give you a bear hug. Those will be the moments you long for – let’s capture them together during a family session. Everyone has their own story.
And I love documenting people’s stories.