Saltese Uplands Maternity Photoshoot - The Morin + One

The sweetest maternity photoshoot set in the plains of Saltese Uplands in Spokane. These two are becoming first-time parents to a sweet boy after experiencing a miscarriage. It’s not something I’ve personally been through but seen many friends + family experience and it’s a pain that no one should ever have to go through.

This session was pure magic – I could feel the love they had for one another and for baby boy. The way they moved with each other – held each other – looked at one another – kissed – it was all so apparent that this baby is so loved already – and he’s not even here yet!

Why I love Photoshoots at Saltese Uplands

One nice thing about having a maternity photoshoot at Saltese Uplands is it really looks good during all of the seasons and it’s a blank enough background that it’s very diverse and looks good for any type of shoot. It’s one of my top favorites to shoot at in the Spokane area and will often suggest it! During this session we had a beautiful golden glow during her “pink outfit” and by the time she changed into her second “blue” outfit, the sky had changed dramatically and also moving into a different spot at Saltese completely changed the look of the shoot even though we didn’t even have to hop in a car to drive to a new spot. Win!

Enjoy! – Xoxo, Hannah

If you’re pregnant, you need pregnancy photos. There is one time (with each kid) where the miracle
of life bears witness to the world in a woman’s body. Everyone has their own story.
And I love documenting people’s stories.