The bride holds her bouquet high up in the air with one hand while holding the grooms hand in the other at their wedding at the Willow in Tri-Cities WA.


Wedding at The Willow in Tri-Cities WA - Luke & Carly

Make way for a new venue on the block – The Willow located in Pasco WA! It is a new wedding venue that has it all. Beautiful grounds, large sweeping willow trees, a big barn, a huge house with a well-lit getting ready room, and a large dance floor! Luke & Carly got married at The Willow last summer in mid-July and it was a great day!

I met Luke about 8 years ago now and it’s actually such a funny story! It was at a Halloween party and one of the activities was a city-wide scavenger hunt. I was put into a group of 5 people – one of them being Luke and one of them being my future husband, Cam! Cam & I were only friends (honestly like mere acquaintances) at that point so it’s just funny that I always will associate Luke with one of the first times Cam & I hung out. I was a “typical white girl”, Cam was “Carlos” and Luke was a banana. Good times. (Scroll down to the very bottom of the page to see a picture of that night!).

A little bit about their wedding day:

It was the hottest weekend of the year in Mid-July for Luke & Carly’s wedding at The Willow! I remember during the ceremony standing there and feeling sweat not dripping – but pouring – down my back. I was so thankful that I was wearing all black so people couldn’t see the sweat, haha! Speaking of the ceremony, Luke & Carly opted to not do a First Look. Instead, they had their first look while Carly was walking down the aisle. It was my favorite moment of the day because Luke & his groomsmen were bawling their eyes out. It was a beautiful touch that made their ceremony more personal. These two have a small but mighty network of friends & family that love them and love them hard. You can see the love & joy radiating in these photos and I can tell you without a doubt that’s exactly how it felt in that moment.

You just focus on having the best day of your life & being fully present, and I’ll be there in the background capturing the moments as they happen – and together we’ll create a wedding gallery that is full of beautiful images that transport you back into the moments.

Small piece of advice for your wedding day:

You just focus on having the best day of your life & being fully present, and I’ll be there in the background capturing the moments as they happen. Together we’ll create a wedding gallery full of beautiful images that transport you back into time.

Enjoy! Xoxo, Hannah


Photographer: Hannah Hotchkiss // Venue & Catering:  The Willow in Tri-Cities

Something special about these two – you can tell that they truly are the best of friends. The humor they share is hilarious to watch, and if you’re not watching out for it, you’ll miss it. They have a great group of friends who have been there with the both of them throughout the college years. Both of these qualities made for such an amazing wedding day because it was low drama and just a ton of silly, light hearted fun.

Oh and Luke & both his groomsmen bawled when they saw Carly walking down the aisle which was probably my favorite moment of the wedding. Bunch of softies!

As stated above, here’s the night Luke & I met. And the first time my husband & I hung out together way back in 2014! I’m the “Typical White Girl” up top, Cam (my now-husband) is “Carlos” in the middle, and Luke is the banana on the right). 

You only get married once! It’s one of the biggest days of your life, and hopefully one of the best. I want you to fully enjoy it, soak it all in, and have amazing photos to enjoy for the rest of your lives together. Everyone has their own love story.
And I love documenting people’s stories.